4.2 Stars

Last 120 Days

The property is great and we enjoy being here!

– Joyce B.

1/11/19: Quality apartments, good amenities, and a great location near grocery shopping and interstate.

– Vincent L.

1/8/19: Beautiful.

– Kayona B.

1/7/19: Love the community – it’s quiet and very homely. Close to amenities. The staff are very helpful. Pamela Lishebo is an exquisite young lady who greets with a smile and attends all your queries.

– Kabwe K.

1/6/19: Good area and staff. The rates are fair.

– Frantz T.

1/4/19: Love the garden style apartments. Quiet and safe.

– Lakeisha T.

1/2/19: The neighborhood is friendly. It’s comfortable and convenient.

– Rodney M.

12/10/18: I am living in this community for the past one and a half years. Everything is good about this community. My only issue is that new management recently fell a little behind with maintenance tickets.

– Sanket L.

11/27/18: I have been staying at Milestone for the past 30 months. I like these apartments. The location is perfect. Management is really good and responsive. They have addressed all my concerns raised in a timely manner.

– Gautham S.

11/25/18: People are friendly here. Parking is great. Lots of great space and the staff is super friendly. I’ve lived in Germantown for more than 5 years. This is my favorite apartment yet.

– Jaclyn H.

11/19/19: Great, friendly, quiet place to live. Been here for about 4 months now and I have never had any problems. Frontend staff always help me whenever I have any concerns.

– Carlos F.

11/1/18: I enjoy living here. It’s peaceful as most of my neighbors are quiet. The property is fairly clean. I like that we have valet service for trash. I get home after dark and don’t always feel like going out there. Staff are friendly and helpful.

– Rachel E.

10/30/18: I’ve been living here for 3 years. New management seems to be more on top of issues than the old team was. I have no complaints.

– Raymond T.